About Wall Stickers

At Wall Genie we offer an extensive choice of bespoke designs to suit every room in your home or work place.

We have vintage, contemporary and traditional designs, as well as a great selection of children’s wall stickers, many of which can be personalised. A great way to enhance your home interior at an affordable price.

Wall stickers can be easily applied with the use of just a few household tools, and in some cases the help of another pair of hands.

We use two types of vinyl to produce our wall stickers, ‘single coloured’ and ‘printed single use’.

They can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces such as painted walls, glass, metal and furniture. All stickers have a stylish matt finish to give an attractive painted on effect.

Enclosed in your protected package will be detailed and illustrated instructions giving you the opportunity to apply with confidence. It is advisable to leave a freshly painted wall for at least three weeks to give the paint a chance to fully dry before applying any wall stickers. Some paint types can cause adhesion issues because of the additives they contain, these can be ‘easy clean’ paints and ‘eco paints’. We very rarely see an issue because of this but if you are in any doubt we are more than happy to send you a sample to test. If you do feel a need to contact us regarding any questions prior to application, we are always happy to respond via email or telephone.

We test our items to ensure suitability and performance.

Single Coloured

With a range of 20 colours to choose from, these wall stickers are cut from single colour vinyl. Easily applied, these stickers are single use only and can be removed easily when needed.

Printed Single Use

For our more detailed and colourful designs we print directly onto white matt vinyl. They are then cut to shape so you are left with no white or transparent edges. Easily applied, these stickers are single use only and can be removed easily when needed.